Acadia 2014

Acadia in the end of August is easily my favorite place to be. This is my third trip there and every time I love it more and more. Mosquitoes are mostly gone, temperature and humidity are just about perfect, lobsters, plenty places to walk, run, bike, swim, and just drive around. And step away from lights at night and sky will blow your away.

Where are the pictures

If you are wondering what I have been up to lately here is my two favorite themes to photograph for the last six months:
- family
- documenting construction of a new Smartling headquarters

As kids grow up they require more and more time. I am happy to give them all what is left after work but it means photography work is to suffer. I do not see how it will change any time soon.


We had a number of spectacularly beautiful winters in the last several years. Despite of being well prepared for travel in snow - awd, winter tires, stick shift etc, I rarely do it. Winter landscape photography is limited by what I can shoot from my porch or on a short walk around house. This one is taken without even leaving a house. This is 12+ inches of snow on my deck.


I thought this image is too monochromatic and decided to add some color. Hope you will never look at picture of snow the same way again!

rainbow snow